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Committee details

Below is an outline of the structure and remit of the Governing body and the committees.

Committee Chair Remit 
Full Governing Body (FGB) Co-Chairs: Eleanor Hruzik Helen Stinson The governing body works with the head teacher and staff to help produce the best possible education for the pupils. It has a strategic role, acting as a critical friend to the school and is accountable for its decisions.
Resources and Infrastructure (R&I) Committee Eleanor Hruzik The R&I Committee has two main functions, it looks after the school's finances, primarily ensuring the budget is well managed and balanced whilst maintaining a good provision for pupils and staff at Poplar. The second role is to look after the school buildings and grounds so R&I has been heavily involved in the school expansion over the last two years. It also reviews on an annual basis the Health & Safety Policy, the Critical Incident Policy and the Letting Policy.
  • ICT sub-group
member of staff Feeds into the R&I Committee, to support the school with a well-thought-out and comprehensively funded technical provision
Attainment and Progress (A&P) Committee Helen Stinson To ensure that robust strategies are in place to raise achievement for all children.
  • Equalities sub- committee
  As a Unicef Rights Respecting School, Poplar Primary is committed to advancing equality of opportunity, eliminating discrimination, fostering good relations and promoting community cohesion. Our Equalities Working Group produces the annual Equalities Information and Objectives, which can be found on the school website.
Curriculum and community (C&C) Elspeth Clarke To ensure that the Poplar ethos of being healthy, happy and responsible and providing a rich and vibrant curriculum which underpins all aspects of curriculum and community.
Human Resources (HR) June Wilkes The HR Committee is essentially concerned with all matters to do with the effective staffing of Poplar Primary. It advises, supports and guides the headteacher on such matters as recruitment of new members of staff in the light of the needs of the school as it grows and develops. It also ensures that the management of the appraisal process, including the headteacher's own, is carried out fairly. Under its remit is also the responsibility for annually reviewing and recommending for adoption a policy on pay.