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Poplar Crowed London Champions as Tri Golf Team Triumph at London Youth Games

On Thursday 4th July our Tri – Golf, Borough Champions team headed off to the Crystal Palace Stadium to represent the Borough at the London Youth Games. The team had been busy practicing for this major event over the past 4 weeks and it really showed. They got off to a flying start scoring maximum points in the first two games. Not knowing what previous teams had scored they knew they just had to do their best and remember all they had learnt over the past four weeks. The teams were also being scored on their team spirt, effort and honesty during the competition with all points being added to their grand total score….and I’m pleased to say they scored maximum points.

After all eight games had been played we were then told the finishing places from 28th to 4th. As the announcer went through the list and it got closer to the top without our name being mentioned, the excitement and suspense really kicked in. We were then told that we had finished in the top 3 but had to go to the sports village stage for the announcement of 3rd to 1st place.

We stood by the stage eagerly awaiting the results…..Then they announced the winner of the London Youth Games Winners for Year 3 and 4 Tri Golf is…POPLAR PRIMARY!!! Well, to say we were overjoyed would be an understatement. We had jumps, cheers and even a few tears. This is a massive achievement for all the children involved and for the school, We are extremely proud of the team and hope they cherish this memory forever.

Check out our galleries for more photos from the day or visit the London Youth Games website to see more information on this prestigious event and other famous faces that once represented their borough at these games.