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Swimming Sensations

Sports news by Mrs Lynch:
On Tuesday morning, 16 pupils from Y4, 5 & 6 went along to the Borough wide annual Swimming Gala Heats held at Morden pool.
Fortunately, our pupils have a slight advantage as this is where our school swimming lessons take place in Years 3&4, so they are all familiar with the distance: 33meters!
With the aim being to swim the fastest length, our lot were not deterred and despite a few initial nerves all swam fantastic times, with some pupils achieving a PB on last year! The categories are gender split in the backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke and after the individual races came the relays.
Again, we did amazingly well with the boys’ freestyle team finishing in 2 minutes 13 seconds, which was a huge improvement on last year! 

It was fantastic to see how much progress had been made since their swimming lessons in Years 3 & 4 and how elegant and speedy they look in the water!
In the gallery, cheering us on, were Poplar parents and we even had a few surprise supporters: Karen, a regular Poplar swimming teacher and Ms Elliot and Mr Tully, who came down in their lunch hour! Big thank yous to Mr B Edwards for entering us and our parent helpers for walking us there and back!
Go Poplar! Fingers and toes crossed that we make it to the final again...Year 2 and 3 get practising now; you are our swimmers of the future!

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Race Times



39.25 sec

Backstroke Year 4 Boys


36.03 sec

Backstroke Year 4 Girls


37.09 sec

Backstroke year 5 Boys


39.03 sec

Backstroke year 5 Girls


38.85 sec

Backstroke Year 6 Boys


32.84 sec

Backstroke Year 6 Girls


30.81 sec

Freestyle Year 4 Boys


36.56 sec

Freestyle Year 4 Girls


29.40 sec

Freestyle Year 5 Boys


29.93 sec

Freestyle Year 5 Girls


32.84 sec

Freestyle year 6 Boys


29.25 sec

Freestyle Year 6 Girls


45.08 sec

Breaststroke Year 5 Boys


43.84 sec

Breaststroke year 5 Girls


38.31 sec

Breaststroke Year 6 Boys


45.31 sec

Breaststroke Year 6 Girls

James, Joshua, Matthew, Isaac

2 mins 36 sec

Relay Medley Boys

Eleanor, Anna, Francesca, Isabella

2 mins 39 sec

Relay Medley Girls

Michael, Joep, Justin, Samuel

2 mins 13 sec

Relay Freestyle Boys

Aeryn, Laura, Amelia, Elizabeth

2 mins 19 sec

Relay Freestyle Girls