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New ways to raise money for the PTA!

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The PTA have funded new books for our KS2 library

The Friends of Poplar Primary School is the parent/teacher association (PTA) for our school. All parents/guardians with a child in the school, as well as all teachers, are automatically members of the PTA. We also welcome and encourage extended family members, non-teaching staff, governors and people from the local community with close links to the school, to get involved in our activities. 

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of the children’s education and school life. So our aim is to raise money to help the school pay for extras that are not normally funded from the school budget. We do this by organising a variety of events and competitions throughout the year for parents, children, staff and friends of Poplar Primary to enjoy. Everything we do is with the children in mind.  Recent examples of PTA funding have been new sports kits and new books for the library.


Last year the PTA funded a class set of iPads 

for the school

We are a registered charity (Reg. Charity No. 1103926) and as such have a formal constitution and are regulated by the Charities Commission. We hold regular meetings throughout the year, and an annual general meeting (AGM) every academic year. Everyone is welcome to attend these and we are always looking for new members to join us. We are all unpaid volunteers. 

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about the PTA or if you are interested in joining. Many thanks. 


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Committee Officers

Chair: Vanessa Eibig

Treasurer: Gulcen Karamanoglu

Secretary: Susie Jenkins

 Ordinary committee members 

Sarah Campbell

Julie Davies

Claire Johnson

Rachel Dros

Deb Kennedy

Jo Darling


Veronica Martens


Lina Wilson

Kelly Griffin

Nathan Hruzik

Sokari Iremiren

Sana Iqubal

Madhuri Lata

Rebecca Newman

Polly Parry

Sharron Scally

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