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Home school agreement

Article 3: The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all actions concerning children.

The Parents/Carers

I / We will:

  • Make sure my child arrives at and is collected from school on time.
    • Make sure my child attends regularly.
    • Inform the school of the reason for absence on the first day that he / she is away.
    • Ensure that my child wears full school uniform.
    • Support school policies and behaviour guidelines.
    • Attend Parent Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
    • When possible, attend assemblies in which my child is involved.
    • Support my child with reading and help with homework, where a homework policy is agreed for my child’s year group.

The School

We will:

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum to match the needs of individual pupils.
    • Encourage children to do their best at all times.
    • Keep parents involved about school events.
    • Provide a safe and caring environment.
    • Aim for the highest standards of work and behaviour.
    • Inform parents of their child’s progress at regular meetings at least once a term.
    • Inform parents about any concerns or problems that affect their child.
    • Encourage children to take care of each other and their surroundings.
    • Set and monitor homework which is appropriate for the child’s year group.
    • Develop pupil understanding of how to value and respect different cultures within the school and within the community.

The Pupils

I will:

  • Try to do my best at all times.
    • Keep the classroom and school rules.
    • Complete homework whenever it is set
    • Take good care of the equipment, building and the environment of the school.
    • Be polite and helpful to others.
    • Not bring toys or play things of any kind to school without the permission of my parents and class teacher.
    • Wear the correct school uniform.