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School improvement

Poplar Primary Priorities




Mathematics Mastery

  • To raise attainment and progress of Maths throughout the school.
  • To introduce Maths Mastery in Year 2 classes.
  • To embed elements of Maths Mastery approach throughout the school.
  • To embed the marking policy for Maths


Growth Mindset 

  • To introduce to all staff and children a ‘Growth Mind-set’ approach in the school in order to raise learning aspirations.
  • To encourage children to take risks in their learning.


Pupil Premium

  • To increase the attainment and progress of our Pupil Premium children.
  • To increase our knowledge of our Pupil Premium children and effective strategies that can ‘close the gap’.
  • To improve access and participation in the wider curricular activities from our Pupil Premium children.



Assessment without levels

  • To embed the Herts for Learning assessment approach to all classes.
  • To engage in baseline assessment programme.
  • To introduce an effective way of tracking pupil progress within the new approach


ICT Development

  • To increase the effective use of iPads across the classes.
  • To increase teacher knowledge and confidence in the new curriculum and ways of assessing.



  • To establish new staffing structure in order to support an expanding school.
  • To develop the leadership of staff within the school and create ’leadership’ opportunities.
  • To support all staff in reflecting on their role as a ‘leader’ within their classroom/school setting.


Scooter park and outdoor grounds

  • To create a ‘scooter park’ within our school grounds for the use of the children and the community.