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School improvement

Poplar Primary school

Development Priorities





To motivate and inspire reading for all and create ‘lifelong’ readers.


To increase achievement in writing at Key Stage 1 and 2 to exceed national averages. 





To promote the healthy well-being of the

School community.


To continue to embed resilience and a

’growth mind’ approach across the school.

To achieve Bronze Healthy School Status .


Pupil Premium

To increase the attainment and progress of our Pupil Premium children in line with Merton averages.


To increase the engagement of Pupil Premium families in their children’s learning.


To improve access and participation in the wider curricular activities from our Pupil Premium children.



ICT Development

 To increase the effective use of ‘iPads’ across the classes.


To increase teacher knowledge and confidence in the new curriculum and ways of assessing


The Curriculum

To ensure the school continues to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.


To review the curriculum structure and ensure appropriate coverage of all subjects.


To review our school homework policy.