Class Reps

Class Reps at Poplar Primary and WhatsApp Class Group Code of Conduct

At Poplar we are extremely lucky that we have such a strong community family feel even though we are a larger than average Primary School. This is only possible due to the relationship between the different groups who are a part of the wider school. These groups include staff, children, parents, carers, volunteers, the Governing Body, the PTA, the Class reps and the wider community in which the school lies.

Specific Roles

Our Class Reps are the communication link.

The PTA are the fundraising team at the school.

The Parent Governors are part of the wider strategic Governing Body Team.


How are class reps chosen?

Generally, the roles are chosen amongst the parents in the class. We would ask where possible that class reps change in the September of the academic year rather than mid-year. Class reps may decide to stay on as the Class rep but it must be discussed amongst the class to see if anyone else would like to take on the role.


What is the role of a Class rep?

  • To be a point of contact for the class.
  • To represent the class at the Class Rep meetings once a half term – 1 rep per class at meetings.
  • To be a point of contact for new parents/carers and welcome them to the class.
  • To enlist any help needed to support with school events including the PTA events across the Year, for example organising a stall rota, helping at the different fairs...
  • To remind parents/carers to volunteer for class trips and swimming and so on…
  • To send reminders to the class of events which are happening e.g. a class trip happening the next day and specific items to wear…
  • To present ideas and suggestions at the Class Rep meetings if these have not been answered by the class teacher or Year group lead.
  • To direct parents/carers to ask the class teacher or year group lead any questions which they may have about their child’s school life.
  • To ask questions to class teachers on behalf of a small group of parents.
  • To organise social events for parents and carers throughout the year, such as coffee mornings, class picnics and meals out.


Directing Parents or Carers to speak to class teachers regarding an issue or a question

If an issue is raised within the class or year group which is school related, the role of the class rep is to direct the parent/carer to follow the correct school procedures;


Talking to the class teacher in the first instance will usually resolve the issue as they can speak directly to the parent/carer or find out the answer and get back to them.


 If after speaking to the teacher an issue or question hasn’t been resolved or answered, then the class rep should direct the parent or carer to the Year group lead. In the highly unusual circumstance that it is still not resolved, it should go to the Phase lead.


Questions and issues in individual classes should not be given to the Class Reps to come to the Class rep meetings with but should go to the teachers first.


Half Termly Meetings with the Deputy Head Teacher and/or Head Teacher

The half termly meetings are a communication link between the school and the Class Reps. Any parental questions should have been addressed with teachers prior to this meeting.

The meetings are generally at 9am on the first Friday after a half term. The only difference to this is the September meeting when all classes are appointing reps, this meeting generally take place on the third Friday.



Historically, Class Reps have organised end of year collections on behalf of the class in their class for the staff if this is what the class decide to do.


Social media including any class WhatsApp or Facebook platforms

Class Reps are generally the group administrator. Please remind parents/carers to go through the correct route if there are concerns e.g., speaking to the class teacher in the first instance. Please click here for the Parental WhatsApp code of conduct