At Poplar inclusion means that all pupils receive the provision they need in order to access the very best, high quality education, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, impairment, attainment and background.

Our commitment to inclusion can be seen in the school policies, in teaching and learning and in the School Development Plan, where all learners are considered and provided for within the school community as part of everyday good practice.

Our goals are many but fundamentally we aim to work in a positive partnership with parents to ensure the best outcomes for all children.

Parent Testimonials

My experience with Poplar Primary SEN has been more of a journey than an experience. From the moment of concern, through diagnosis, followed by the amazing after support, not just for my son but also for me as a parent! My son started in nursery and has just started high school...he has grown into a bright,confident young man and I totally believe that the help, support and understanding he was given by the Poplar Inclusion team has played a huge part in this... thank you.


When my son joined the school, he had some difficulty settling, having some speech and communication difficulties compounded by having been the victim of bullying in his previous school. The SEN support he received eased his transition and facilitated his being able to settle down and function well in his new surroundings. I always felt that the Inclusion team were working with us to understand what support would help him to feel comfortable and able to succeed in the school environment – it’s nice for parents to feel supported too!