Our Approach to the Curriculum

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The exciting, broad and balanced curriculum takes place both indoors and outdoors at Poplar and it is designed to inspire our children; giving them the skills they will need to be successful, confident, lifelong learners and citizens who are ready both academically and socially to embrace their next educational step. The curriculum is ambitious and as an inclusive school we have quality first inclusive practice, in which  all pupils are encouraged to succeed, in all subjects to the very best of their individual abilities. The curriculum is enhanced further by both our own school values and the British values, these values are threaded throughout our curriculum and ensure that the pupils feel as though they have a place in which they belong.

The curriculum is planned and developed;

  • to ensure that pupils gain excellent subject-specific skills, knowledge and ensure cultural capital - the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens in today’s society. This includes carefully choosing the resources needed to support this aim including reading scheme, books, toys, works of art, historical figures, language used, places visited, the use of our outdoor environment, IT skills and so on.

  • to ensure that our pupils are given an education rich in experiences to nurture their curiosity, interest, knowledge and understanding of their community, wider community and the world in which they live.

  • to support all pupils to understand, respect and value differences and diversity.

  • to learn about the past, the present and look towards their future endeavours including aspirations.

  • to be inclusive in all of our year groups, for all of our children; with a strong focus on pupils’ well-being and opportunities for all.

  • to use the school grounds, local park and National Trust as their link school to further enhance the learning and opportunities.

The curriculum is imaginatively supported by, and enriched with a range of visits, extra-curricular experiences and opportunities, which have restarted since returning in September 2021. The EYFS have adapted to the new curriculum and have enabling, language rich environments. 

Senior Leadership, Middle Leaders including Subject Leaders ensure that curriculum areas are creative, inclusive and diverse and they are meticulous in making sure that the National Curriculum is fully covered and planned to build up pupils’ knowledge and skills over time, to enable them to succeed in all curriculum areas. 

Staff have considered and planned carefully making sure that topics are meaningful for our pupils. Lessons are both stand alone and cross-curricular.

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