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Ironbridge! What an inspiring trip!

I'd recommend the trip because it's a good experience to be away from your parents and it's fun being with your friends. It's a really good way of learning because you have more time to visit museums.  Alice

Four days in Ironbridge for year 5; what an amazing experience for us all. We immersed ourselves in the lives of the Victorians and learnt what it was really like to live with no electricity, work long hours and have no a bathroom! 

The trip included visits to the Iron Bridge itself, the Black Country Living museum and Blists Hill Victorian town. We finished off the week with pottery workshop and a chance to interact at the Enginuity (science) museum. Here's what the children had to say:

"We went to Blists Hill Victorian Town after breakfast. There were plenty of old fashioned shops, including a chemists, tailors, baker, chain maker, fish and chip shop; but best of all...a confectionery store (sweet shop in normal language!)" Caitlin


While in Ironbridge visiting Blists Hill, we came across a Victorian school. It was strange to see how cruelly the children we treated by their teachers! (but we enjoyed it anyway!) Jasper

"On Monday we went to the Museum of the Gorge. We looked around the village and the museum. In the afternoon we went on a walk because it was a sunny day. We saw the beautiful river flowing under the bridge near the hostel." Aswini

The trip was fun and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the dark mine that showed us how people worked in Victorian times. Asbah

"I liked the mine best, even thought it was pitch black. We watched a video, projected onto the walls, about a man and a boy mining... there was a loud crackling noise. Someone screamed. The little green train we were on started and fled out of the mine and we were back out in the sun" Kristina [describing a simulation of a mining experience]

We went to see a dentist. A full set of gold teeth would cost £5. That's £250 for each tooth nowadays! ... Overall, I think that Ironbridge was a great experience and that we should continue going for years to come!  James C

"We went to a [Victorian] fair. In the fair there were lots of different games and rides like: rolling balls, boat swings and monkey swings." Musa

 "I really enjoyed all the museums; they were interesting" Nathan

"It was very educational, seeing all the old houses and learning about how Victorians lived" Olive


Enginuity was really fun because you didn't just look at science, you could get involved too. Lizzy
You can find more photographs of the trip in our website gallery