Our approach to EYFS

Intent of curriculum:

Keep safe, show respect, be ready

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Poplar Primary School we believe in providing all children with a firm foundation, in partnership with parents, to enable a lifetime of learning to build upon. Our passion is to nurture confident, independent and resilient children who can go on to continue to embark on, and challenge, their own personal learning journeys through hard work, persistence and an open mind.

Using our wider environment and diverse community here at Poplar, we aim to expand the children’s understanding and respect for others and encourage them to be happy and responsible citizens of the global community who are advocates for social justice and fairness.

 All of this is achieved by providing an Early Years curriculum within a rich, stimulating environment where the children can explore new possibilities but also have their interests and experiences acknowledged and embedded into the learning environment. We place high importance on hands-on, real life purposeful learning experiences that help to promote the children’s independence, deepen their understanding, challenge their thinking and encourage them to take risks. This is all achieved in a calm and safe environment where the children’s emotional needs are met and they feel emotionally secure and happy.

 Our holistic approach to child development and learning also supports children’s oral language, communication and social skills all of which prepares them to continue their learning journey into Year 1 and beyond.