Behaviour Charter

Pupils are well behaved and take their responsibilities seriously. (OFSTED 2015)

This  is  Poplar's  School  code  which  was  devised  with  the  children  during  our  assemblies. The children came up with a list of the words they would like to use to describe our school. The  list  included  words  like  peaceful,  kind,  helpful,  caring,  friendly  and  truthful. At Poplar our school moto is Ready, Respectful, Safe.

We would all like Poplar to be:   a happy, healthy and responsible school.


We will show respect to all the staff within our school and to each other.

We will always try to do our best each day.

We will be honest at all times.

We will be kind to each other and let other children join in our games.

We will walk around the school and come into assemblies quietly and sensibly.

We will look after our school grounds and the playground equipment and follow our school Eco- code.


Friendship across all ethnic and religious backgrounds is strong. (OFSTED 2015)