Eco Council 

We have an enthusiastic and dedicated Eco Council at Poplar and we are very proud of our 'Green Flag' status. We have a clear and concise Eco code and our aim is for all children in the school to be familiar with it.


We will promise to save energy, reduce, re-use and recycle, in order to respect our environment.

ECO Code 

Looking after the school grounds is an important part of our role.


Birdwatching in the nature Zone as part of the 'Big Garden Birdwatch'

 As last year's Eco Reps, the children listed below have done a wonderful job of sharing important information and undertaking tasks to help us all to do more to protect the environment.    Each class will elect a new Eco Rep in September.

Y1 Birch Jack

Y3 Elm Aaliya      Y5 Hazel Erin
Y1 Chestnut Olivia Y3 Pine Anaya Y5 Willow Aria
Y1 Hawthorn Bryce Y3 Rowan Ewan Y5 Sycamore Mason
Y2 Holly Abby Y4 Larch Lucie Y6 Cedar Robyn
Y2 Juniper Jack  Y4 Fir Zenia Y6 Maple Jamie
Y2 Mulberry Rayan Y4 Beech Kumaran Y6 Oak Rebecca


 ECO Council Meeting in action      

WE have been encouraging wildlife in the grounds: Mr Stephens has built a bug hotel and we have some frogspawn in the pond!