School Council


Poplar’s School Council was first set up in 2006. Our School Council represents the voice of the children. Each year voting takes place in every classroom in Key Stage 2, for the children who have campaigned to be elected to the School Council. The council meet regularly to discuss a wide variety of school issues. The Key stage 2 council reps lead the school council meetings in Key stage 1 during class assembly time. They feedback to classes and listen to the views of the children. Ideas are then brought back to the main school council meetings to be discussed. 

What do the School Council do?

The School Council takes part in lots of activities including:

  • Listening to the views, ideas and concerns of other children
  • Bringing these concerns to School Council meetings
  • Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions
  • Sharing in some of the policy making such as the Lunchtime Codes
  • Being part of the interviewing process for new staff
  • Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally
  • Supporting fundraising activities for Poplar and charities
  • Representing the school at events such as Local Democracy week
  • Being part of the Rights Respecting School steering group

Current issues: 


School Council Members 2021-22

We are grateful to the children listed below, who have worked so hard to represent the views of their peers.  We look forward to welcoming new School Council members in September.

Year group Class Council rep Year group Class Council Rep
Year 3  Rowan  Aria Year 5 Hazel  Ralph
Year 3 Pine  Baria Year 5 Willow  Seb
Year 3 Elm  Zach Year 5 Sycamore  Maryam
Year 4 Beech  Jamie Year 6 Cedar  Gabriel
Year 4 Larch  Riley Year 6 Maple  Zayan
Year 4 Fir  Amelie Oak  Lishvittha