School improvement

Poplar Primary school

Development Priorities



Improve the standard of writing across the school


To review reading and phonics across the school in line with Government guidance 


To continue to develop the planning process in order to support the learning journey needed for an effective extended piece of writing.


To promote enjoyment of writing and provide purposeful and motivating writing experiences for the children.


To identify children not achieving the expected progress in writing, implementing focus groups and interventions as needed.




Citizenship  and Behaviour


To embed our new school motto: Ready, Respectful, Safe


To audit the Behaviour systems currently used across the school and provide staff training to ensure a consistent approach is embedded.


To promote mental wellbeing across the school.


To provide opportunities for children to demonstrate their values in the wider community





Outdoor Learning


To review the current provision of outdoor learning across the curriculum and embed new opportunities into the curriculum.


To provide staff training to improve staff knowledge and confidence in delivering outdoor learning sessions.


To forge links with local centres where outdoor learning can be further developed.